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Regardless of whether you are searching for a kitchen renovation or an extra space in your home, your project deserves an expert team that always pays attention to the details and is reliable, as well as on time.

Quality Work Through Dedication

Our team of Gaithersburg construction professionals is always proud of our work and completed projects. When deciding on a team for a construction project for your home, you should know that your team has decades of experience in Gaithersburg construction. For every aspect of your renovation project, our team pays expert attention to even the smallest details and treats everything with importance.

Your Search for the top Home Remodeling Montgomery County Has to Offer is Over!

Whether you are hoping to make a home addition such as adding a room to your home or you are trying to transform your home into a completely more modern space, our team is the best home remodeling contractors Gaithersburg MD can always depend on. When you searching for home remodeling Gaithersburg MD based contractors, it is always important to choose a team such as ours which is experienced in the construction process and knowledgeable in our field. From early discussions about your project to the project itself, our Gaithersburg MD team of U&NT Construction has you and your home renovation covered every single step of the way.

From consult, to construction!

At U&NT Construction LLC, we always understand that our customers deserve top of the life craftsmanship and superior customer service for their projects. When it comes to your next home remodel or home renovation, choose our team for the best customer service in construction Gaithersburg MD has to offer.

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Why Choose Us


At U&NT Construction LLC, we believe in offering expert craftsmanship and high quality customer service at a good price. Our connections in the DC area and positive reputation allow us to have beneficial relationships with local suppliers and vendors. This means we are always able to give our clients the best prices possible. 


U&NT Construction LLC is licensed, bonded and insured in Maryland and DC to provide you with a worry free remodeling experience!

24x7 Support

Our skilled, full time industry professionals bring over 150 years of cumulative contracting experience to the table!


Cost Saving

Our free estimates are provided in the shortest time possible, and are guaranteed to impress you, no matter your budget!


Taking part in a home renovation or remodeling project should not have to be extremely expensive and should not be something that stresses Gaithersburg MD homeowners out. Instead, our team is able to make every single aspect of the remodeling process not only affordable but also hassle-free. From meeting our clients for the first time to when we are actually doing the construction aspect of a project, we always go out of our way to make sure that our clients stay updated about their project. We believe that keeping open communication is a huge part of delivering high quality customer service.


Home remodeling Gaithersburg MD can increase the value of your home by huge margins and maximize the budget you put into making your home a better property. Our Gaithersburg MD general contractors are always doing our best to make home remodeling projects and home renovation projects more worry free and therefore more enjoyable for our clients. We outshine other contractors in the Gaithersburg MD area because of our superior craftsmanship as well as our above average attention to detail.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

When it comes to choosing the best general contractor for your home remodeling or home renovation, you should not just take our word about our expert quality and customer service. Discuss your general contracting project today by giving us a call. One of our experts would be happy to discuss with you giving you the dream home that you and your family absolutely deserve.

Choose our team at U&NT Construction LLC for your home remodeling or home improvement project!

General Home Remodeling

No matter if you are looking to add a single room or you would like to make your entire home more modern and functional, our team is the best general contractor Gaithersburg MD  for the job. Our team of professionals is knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to every aspect of the construction process. From the design of your project to the construction itself, our team at U&NT Construction has you covered.

Remodeling and home renovations don’t have to be stressful or too expensive! We are able to make the process convenient and affordable. From our initial meeting to when we begin the work of your project and beyond, we always stay in touch with our clients and keep them updated on all stages of their project.

Gaithersburg home remodeling can completely transform the value of your property and maximize your budget. Our Gaithersburg general contracting team can make home remodels and home renovations less of a hassle, and much more enjoyable than other contractors in the area. Our attention to detail and expert craftsmanship set us far above the rest.

Don’t just take our word for it. Give us a call to discuss your general remodeling project and learn more about how our team can turn your dream home into a reality!

Bathroom Remodeling Gaithersburg MD

Choose the best bathroom remodeling Gaithersburg MD can offer you and your family. The right bathroom remodeling project can dramatically increase the overall value of your house and can sometimes even make it a warmer, more inviting space for you and your family to enjoy! Our team of expert professionals at U&NT Construction are well known in the area for your expert bathroom remodeling services. From custom bathroom remodeling projects to installation of new fixtures, we can do it all when it comes to bathroom remodels and bathroom overhauls.
Wondering where to find the top bathroom remodeling Gaithersburg MD currently has available? Choose our reliable and knowledgeable team of professionals! The right bathroom renovation can make your bathroom a much more useful space that is more comfortable and relaxing. Even just changing a fixture can give your bathroom a new look and we got you covered! 

Kitchen Remodeling Gaithersburg MD

Choosing the right kitchen remodeling Gaithersburg MD can offer does not have to be a hassle or something that stresses out homeowners. Our team is the best for the job!
Finding the best Gaithersburg kitchen remodel at the best price has never been easier. Our team of general contractor professionals has decades of experience in our field. Because we are so well-known in the area, we have built reliable connections with top suppliers. This means we are always able to offer our clients the best prices possible when it comes to their home renovation project and especially their kitchen remodeling project. The best kitchen remodel MD has is our group of professionals at U&NT Construction. You can trust our reliable to team to always get the job done correctly the first time at a price that our clients can be happy about.
Ready to get started with your Gaithersburg kitchen remodel? Learn more about our team and how to schedule your free estimate for you amazing kitchen remodeling project.
Finding the right kitchen remodel Gaithersburg MD based team can be extremely stressful. We always want our clients to be comfortable with choosing us as their home renovation team. That’s why we always keep open communication available about all of our projects with our clients and always strive to deliver the highest level of customer service possible. At U&NT Construction, we know that the kitchen is the heart of every home and we are ready to transform your kitchen for the better whether it is to increase the value of your home as it gets ready to hit the market or to make your kitchen a more enjoyable space for your whole family to have fun spending time in. You can depend on the best kitchen remodeling Montgomery County MD has ever counted on by choosing our reliable team. 

Roofing Gaithersburg MD ​

Stop searching for the best roofing Gaithersburg MD has and choose our trustworthy team of roofing professionals instead! Roofing is extremely important and when done incorrectly can very negatively impact your home if damages potentially occur. Instead, trust a team like our experts to get the repair or renovation done correctly the first time so you won’t have to worry about the cost of repairs or other issues that might arise later down the road. This can definitely happen if a roofing installation is not done correctly so it is always crucial to choose a team that is experts in their field like our roofing professionals at U&NT Construction of Gaithersburg MD


Is your space beginning to feel crowded by investing in a new home is just not in your budget right now? Consider getting a home renovation instead and adding on to your existing space! Our team makes the process easy so you sit-back, relax, and get excited about your new space!
There are numerous types of addition projects we can perform. Our team can help determine the best addition project for your space. With years of experience in the business, you can trust U&NT Construction will get the job done right the first time so you won’t have to worry about hidden costs in the future.


Stop searching for the right concrete contractor MD has to offer and choose our reliable team with decades of experience in concrete related construction.
Get started on your Gaithersburg concrete project by giving us a call today. We’d love to discuss the process with you and get a better idea about the vision you have for your project. Finding the best concrete contractor Maryland has just got easier. You always know our team is providing the best prices on our concrete services because of the wide variety of connections we have with local suppliers. What does the network mean for our clients? We are always able to offer the best prices possible for your concrete project!
Transform your driveway to give more space for activities or even provide more parking. Make your backyard a place where entertaining is made easy with a stunning new patio. Our concrete projects can transform a space for the better and make it much more function and easier for home owners to enjoy. Learn more about our concrete services and how our concrete projects can give your home an entirely new look that will increase the value of the property and even make it a more enjoyable space to be in.