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Whether you are looking for a kitchen remodel or an add on room to your home, you deserve a contractor that is both trustworthy and reliable. Our attention to detail and quality customer service makes the best general contractor Rockville MD has to offer!

Quality Work Through Dedication

When you choose our team for home remodeling Rockville MD, trust that you are choosing a construction team with years of experience in the construction industry. Our team takes pride in our work and are always proud of our finished product. We strive to always have superior attention to detail and perfect every aspect of your home renovation or improvement project.

From consult, to construction!

 From consult to construction, our team always pays personal attention to each of our projects to ensure you have the best experience. We always want our clients to feel comfortable asking questions. In order to keep our clients happy, we know that it is important to keep them informed. To us, each home remodel or home improvement project is always focused on the success of the project, as well as the satisfaction of the home owner.

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At U&NT Construction LLC, we believe in offering expert craftsmanship and high quality customer service at a good price. Our connections in the DC area and positive reputation allow us to have beneficial relationships with local suppliers and vendors. This means we are always able to give our clients the best prices possible. 


U&NT Construction LLC is licensed, bonded and insured in Maryland and DC to provide you with a worry free remodeling experience!

24x7 Support

Our skilled, full time industry professionals bring over 150 years of cumulative contracting experience to the table!


Cost Saving

Our free estimates are provided in the shortest time possible, and are guaranteed to impress you, no matter your budget!

Choose our team at U&NT Construction LLC for your home remodeling or home improvement project!

Roofing Rockville MD

We offer valuable solutions through our good interactions with clients, developing new roofing systems that’ll benefit your needs. Every roof has unique needs, not only do we deal with you like our single customers through personalized interests, but we utilize the best quality materials and items to guarantee a top-notch job. Some of our previous clients feel great when we use a lower angle than the standard sloped home roofs. Roofing contractor Rockville MD has the specific training and expertise to address the brand-new construction roofing industry. Because roofing presents its own unique set of challenges, every roofer in our company is taught the latest technologies, equipment, and tools to correctly perform the task. That’s why you can rely on our expert roofer Rockville MD who could get the job done fast but effectively, so you don’t encounter some unnecessary work complications in the future.
When it concerns brand new construction, you’ll find a lot of things to balance. The roof usually turns into an overlooked item, though it’s a critical component that shouldn’t be put to the bottom of the goal pile. Our company will enable you to select the appropriate new roof, so you have one less thing to stress about. Would you like your brand-new roof to provide additional energy savings? Then a solar roof may be the best option for you personally. Have you been looking to produce a creative masterpiece? Then selecting a cedar, ornate copper, or slate roof may be an excellent choice. Our experts are going to help you get the ideal roof for your project.

Home Remodeling Contractors Rockville MD

Home remodeling Rockville MD becomes much better if you have our professional and experienced home remodeling crew’s assistance because they’ll be the ones doing your dream home. Call us to explain what you would like for your house, and we’ll recreate that image based on your specs. Whether you wish to start from scratch or want to begin a new project, we’ll help bring your dreams into reality.
Are you sick of your outdated house? Do you want additional room for your family? Would you like to be delighted with your home again? Well, it’s time to remodel your house. There are lots of renovation projects we can perform on your house. The necessary thing is thinking about a bigger image of your home. The first thing to do is establish the areas that require remodeling, and, after that, we begin contemplating the way they flow together. Combining design details that are similar to each site will be essential to creating continuity throughout your house. This is important in cases where you wish to replace the style of your home. Together, we can complete a remodel that flows from room to room. Next, consider the nearby spaces and figure out whether they’ll be changed. When you have a scope of your task, call us to go over the features, and we’re going to go over our process.
Choosing the proper wood flooring materials for your house is the most crucial decision you have to make. That’s why it’s essential to get our appropriate hardwood flooring Rockville MD services to keep your living areas’ aesthetics and efficiency. We take pleasure in providing outstanding floor treatment solutions from easy hardwood flooring solutions to complicated hardwood related repairs.
If you want to improve your house features in the most affordable way, our painting Rockville MD service is all you need. You can change the appearance of your home in the fastest and most comfortable way. We also offer concrete Rockville MD and Rockville concrete services.

Kitchen Remodeling

Are the floors in your home stained and cracked? Are the countertops damaged with nicks and burns, or the floor plan of your kitchen area awkward and ill-designed? In that case, it’s time to think about kitchen remodeling. Small upgrades could include altering the hardware on your kitchen cabinets, refacing the cabinets, or even having them replaced. Or maybe you’d like to change that scuffed floor or resurface your countertops. Such easy changes can make a significant impact on your space. Nevertheless, a full scale of our kitchen remodel Rockville MD service will result in the most fulfilling changes for your house.
To start your kitchen area remodeling, our crew will produce comprehensive data about what you like. After creating your project, we’ll consider what works and doesn’t operate in your current kitchen. You can search through magazines or browse the web for home remodeling ideas. You may want to create a file of products and designs you wish to match your good ideas to what you can pay. You’d be surprised just how much you can obtain for your money or maybe the compromises you can make, which will continue to buy you a stylish and functional design. You may even want to contract a designer’s expertise or a space planner at this stage. You can share your vision with us, so we know what you want. We will do our best to help you direct the design method to help reach the perfect look for your kitchen.

Bathroom Remodeling Rockville MD

The bathroom is the space in which you begin your day and finish your day. In case you and your partner plan to make use of the bathroom simultaneously, ensure to include additional cabinet area and double sinks. When you are considering remodeling your large bathroom, we advise that you remove your tub to enlarge your bath.
When you have decided to redesign your bathroom, you will need someone who can do this kind of job. The most significant benefit of getting your bathroom remodeled by our professional crew will be the final result. It is undeniable that most bathroom remodeling will look a lot better than getting it done yourself if carried out by an experienced contractor. If you are trying to have the most incredible looking bathroom on your block, it is smart to employ our company to do the job. We will create quality work, and most of our professional contractors are in a position to receive their work completed at a relatively good level of time. In case your remodeling has to be performed by a particular time, our experienced contractor will be here to meet your deadline. There are numerous good things about employing a professional kitchen and bath remodeler. The outcome will be fantastic, and you will see the quality and durability of our work.

General Contractor Rockville MD

As your general contractors, we turn your plans, designs, and ideas into a solid structure beneath your feet. Our commitment to maintaining our project sites secure and organized increases our capability to adjust to any difficulties developed on the site. Our regular contracting products keep our clients’ objectives at the cutting edge as each piece of the building process starts to fit together.
Our company has been offering quality artistry to commercial and residential clients in Rockville, MD, for many years. U&NT Construction focuses on dealing with you to apply an answer matching your requirements from remodeling to overall home renovations and maintenance. We take pleasure in creating long-lasting consumer relationships, exceptional quality work, and assuring your total satisfaction. Please call us today for a free estimate, and we will start to plan your project.
Our project management staff is going to assist you from demolition to the final inspections. In case you need assistance in locating the proper contractor, you can reach us through phone call or email. If you want an actual conversation, you can visit our office, and one of our representatives will provide you all the answers and solutions for your project. 

Roofing Repair Contractor in Rockville MD

High winds and heavy rainfall could be harmful to your home or business’ roof. Damage can take several forms, from torn and missing shingles to broken, crumbling, and flash chimneys. We provide you with the outstanding quality of installation, maintenance, and repair as we are entirely licensed and insured roof contractors. It is not always clear when storm damage happens. If you want a professional to examine concerns that could worsen the damage, call us, and we will be there. Safety concerns can come from the smallest amount of harm, such as leaks or falling accessories. As your roofing expert, we follow a proven assessment checklist, so nothing is skipped in our observation.
We know the unstable climate change and how it can damage a wide variety of roofs. We also understand how hail storms and other high wind weather events can influence the roof you choose. A metal roof can keep going as much as a hundred years, requires little maintenance, and could reduce your energy costs allowing it to make your building less risky in the intense weather. Call us today if you want to avail of any of our services.